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What I had known to be passion was simply a strong personal emotion or thought that enforced one in life. It could be for seasons or the entire life span. I saw passion as a base of a goal or at least a foundation where one builds their beliefs on, and to help one to choose when they meet a crossroads.

Now I see passion take on another form, now that I am older and now that I am a mother. Of course the above remains true, however, I also now believe passion can be created from an external source, and not limited to personal beliefs or thoughts. Still, I never really understood passion until I seen it through the eyes of a child.

Seeing passion in the eyes of a child is like seeing another world. It’s strange and sometimes frightening. Sometimes I don’t know how to react. Sometimes it’s amazing and pure other times it’s taxing and stressful. Sometimes it sucks me in too, it grabs me and I fly with it.

My little girl lives very passionately, as do most children her age. At such a young age she knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Or at least try. Most times her passion is fixated on learning a technique, like colouring, reading and dancing. Sometimes it’s learning about the world around her like ‘What is the smell of a pretty red flower?’. Then there are other times.

There will be this shriek from the inner depths of her soul, her eyes wide with tears. The voice that brings dolphins to mate, and the screams causes planes to dip and the dead to awake. She will stomp to try to break into the floor. She will shake to loosen the stress. Then she will either throw or bite or kick or scream some more. Sometimes falling to the floor with despair. Eventually she will protest to where she runs down the hall.

Most people say this is the terrible 2’s and welcome me into the club. Many mothers who understand and offer a helping hand, and the best – understanding. However there are times I don’t view this as a phase to hurry or rush. Mainly because I don’t want to raise a sheep, and I like a good debate.

I see it as passion at it’s finest, purest and truest form. The emotion is shared and heard from miles away. She has the need to voice her feelings strongly. There is truth and confidence that I will not turn her away. It’s plainly, a release of communication protesting her passion against the word “NO”!


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