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What’s It Like Outside?

This is one question I need to remember not to ask a male or anyone that lived in an Igloo. Yes it’s coming to winter here, but in our Canadian weather you can have all four seasons in one day. I want to know honestly, do I have to skin the rabbit for gloves or is this fluffy sweater just enough? Just please tell me, will I be cold.

One night DH and I where taking K2 out for a walk to Tim Hortons. I asked “What’s it like outside” DH said “It’s nice.” I now learned to take that to mean, he might be nice in jogging pants, a T-shirt, and a windbreaker, but I will freeze. So I proceeded to put K2’s sweater, thick socks, winter jacket and shoes on and put her in her ‘stroller walk’. I was then was getting the blanket that DH’s mother knitted, to put that on her when I get told that it’s not that cold out. As we got outside, I froze my ass off. I turn to DH and say “It’s nice out eh?” then added “it’s cold”. DH looks at me like I am from another world and says “It’s not cold, it’s just cool”. Well hunny, if I am turning blue, it’s not because I like the colour.

I will not tell you how many times I believed in our weatherman, only to find I should have brought the greatest invention in the world, the winter jacket. As he tells me it’s ‘nice’ outside and plus 10, I think “Well you’re in a studio under some, what I can only imagine to be, hot lights. Of course it will be nice to you.” As I look over his shoulder toward the window behind him, the trees looks like they are moving pretty good. I’ll bring my winter jacket, thank you.

DH laughs when I go out in the winter with our daughter, because I layer her to the point she looks unable to walk. My thoughts are I layer, she layers. It’s in parenting books everywhere when it comes to how to dress a child who can’t tell you they are cold. Dress them with one extra layer you, yourself is comfortable in. They just don’t tell you when to stop that concept. So I layer her, and hope that she tells me when she is too hot. Basically, I would rather be able to take clothes off our child than to wish I brought that blanket. If I am cold walking how is she when she’s sitting in the stroller not moving?

Let me clear up what is cold to me. When I can see my breath outside, it’s cold. If my nose sticks together from my breathing, it’s cold. If I can no longer justify wearing a bathing suit outside, it’s cold. If I am shivering in a tank top IN my apartment, it’s cold. When my skin turns purple-blue and it’s not because I was making play-dough, it’s cold. Furthermore, if I need to put on a heavy sweater, two zippered inserts from two winter jacket, to go out in the weather, IT’S COLD!

Let me clear up another thing. If I am cold, then I think everyone else should be cold too! This is not an option. If I wake in the middle of the night freezing with two blankets and a duvet, then look at you with no blanket, I think you will be cold too. So don’t get mad at me for covering you up. You should be cold. I don’t need to be cursed at, as you roll over sweating from my caring efforts.


3 responses to “What’s It Like Outside?

  1. divinescribble December 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    Hilarious! And ditto…I had cold!

  2. divinescribble December 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    i meant…i hate cold, lol

  3. Our Sentiments December 7, 2009 at 1:49 am

    Thank you Divinescribble, I am glad you enjoyed 🙂

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