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The Hand Smack

My good friend and I arranged a play-day a few weekends ago, it was nice to be with, not just another like minded adult, but a very patient one at that. I love being around her, her  frame of mind seems to be contagious. It’s always nice to joke about your tough moments in parenting and we reflect and discuss what we could to better next time and get positive outlooks on things.

As we where in a conversation her daughter was getting into something, and I noticed her doing, what I called the hand smack. Her daughter was paying no mind to her mother’s efforts to get her attention. My friend then called out her daughter’s name then clapped. Once she got her daughters attention she continued on discussion what is allowed and what is not. After every word you heard a clap. I don’t think I laughed like that in a long time. I could not believe I was not the only weird parent around to use this tool to gain a child’s attention.

To be my neighbor you might think I actually hit my child with the amount of times you hear The Hand Smack. I would like to put on the record that I don’t discipline like that and I don’t think we need to with our daughter. That being said, I am a loud person who can easily result to yelling. I am trying really hard to refrain from that, so I found myself with The Hand Smack.

I do have to say it does work, it gets their attention, but I have rethought my tools when I found K2 doing The Hand Smack while she is talking…


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