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I Gotta…

As Daddy lays in bed trying to nap before he heads back out to work, you play with your plastic food. Singing and talking to yourself. I watch from my computer chair and take in what it means to be you. I smile, as you make a Birthday Cake from home-made play dough. After singing Happy Birthday, you ask me to blow out the pencils you have for candles. You make me laugh and want to be a child again, to see the world in your eyes. You are everything I wanted and needed in a Daughter. Both your father and I are honoured that you chose us to be your parents.

As I reflect on the two and a half years of your life and everything you’ve learned and done on this short time on earth, you look over to me from your play table and smile. Your smiles always takes my breath away. I can’t believe this long wait to hear what your wonderous mind is thinking. You make stories now, you tell me your thoughts. It’s amazing, it’s triumphant, it’s wonderful.

I sit here and think how my world has changed since there was you. Yes, there was our struggles but, in everything, you are a good baby and child. I love to see the twinkle in your eyes when you’re up to no good. I love when you tell me what you are planing to do. I love it in the night when you call out for me in your dreams, and I love waking up to you every morning with “I up now, I go in Fronf-rum” as you patter down the hall.

I look up again from my moment lost of time, and there you are standing by the chair looking up at me. I smile, you smile back. You stop my reminiscent moment to say “Look Mommy… I gotta Penis.” “Oh, you have a Penis do you?” I ask with anticipation to what you will say next. You retort “No! Mommy I gotta Ninia, boyz gotta Penis… Silly Mommy!”

Yes, my buttons, you have the perfect timing to make me laugh until I cry.


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