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Your Nose is for Smelling

Yesterday in the early morning hours, I learned a new thing about the nose.  I knew a fair amount about noses, but what I did not know was a bead can get pretty far up the nose, it can go as far as being wedged up to the cartilage. I also learned that you can see the colour blue through the nose. Also when you shove a blue bead up your nose, your nose starts to get runny and can be mistaken for a cold. I’ve heard about this ‘shoving stuff up noses’ action, but I always heard that boys did it, so add that to the list of things I have learned.

As you already have guessed, our K2 decided it would be fun to put a bead up her nose. Actually it was not just up her nose, I think she wanted to try to push it into her brain! It was not at a decent hour either. She has fallen asleep between 7 to 8 in the evening but getting up at 11. K2 decided to do this at 3 in the morning. I was trying to get her to blow her nose, but that smart little bead had a hole in it, so it would not work. So I decided to wake up DH.

Of course he was not impressed, I think he said “You’re shitting me right?” I think I would have said more in this situation, I completely understand. I don’t have to get up in the morning to go to work for seven. However, I don’t drive either. So there we where at three in the morning heading off to our local hospital.

It’s really ironic that when we got there, we had to pick a number, it was Lucky Number 7. So we took the number and waited for our number to be called. So I waited and K2 nursed. At about 3:30 we were called to get checked in. Of course K2 does not like anyone touching her at all, so she would not stand on the scale, nor would she get her temperature taken. She would however take the Dora and Boots stickers and try to run to the waiting room.

It was then the nursed asked “Why is K2 here tonight?” I was proud of her creativity, but could not say anything without laughing. “She stuck a bead, yes a bead, up her nose.” I am sure hospitals see these things all the time, in any rate, it’s still funny to me. What does one child think before doing this? After her typing in a few things, I was asked to sit back in the waiting room to ponder this question.

So what does a child think about right before entrapping a bead in their nose? Do they think “Hey where will this end up?” “Lets see what shade of red will Mommy turn this time?” or “This will be fun”. Then I think about her toys. Most of them have places you put things in, yet it always has a place where the object will end up. Is this the thought process, that putting a bead up her nose will not have a bead appear in another place? I am sure she knows that there will be no lights or music playing, she sticks her fingers up there all the time.

I think K2 was the only child there that didn’t look gravely ill, or was cranky. She was bouncing around and saying hello, crawling under the chairs.  An older man who was talking to K2 for a few seconds, even suggested that there was something blue up her nose. I thanked the man and explained that is why we where there. I got the you-should-have-been-watching-her look, which I found amusing. I was waiting for him to say something, because I just might have been sarcastic back and say I was watching her, I was watching her put a blue bead up her nose.

Which leads me to answer the question: Why does she have beads? Well for a two and half-year old, she is pretty good with small items. I have always let her touch most things, big or small. I think the more you give your child to experience the more connections the brain makes. It also helps out the curiosity as well. She has always been able to touch most thinks in the home, as long as Mommy or Daddy was around to watch. As soon and her elbow would bend, we jumped in.

So playing with small things was allowed in a control situation. As she got older she stopped putting things in her mouth. I first bought the beads that snapped together to increase her fine motor skills, but they only last for a few hours then they don’t fit together anymore. So I took out her Christmas gift, a small box of beads with plastic string.

For 2 days of being watched carefully, she strung the beads on the string. It was brilliant, learning time for her and quiet time for me. Who knew that given a week she would find another use for these beads.

In the end I am glad that I learned this experience. I learned so much from the world in the view of a child. Small things have such great uses! Mostly I am glad that I was the one that took it out, and she did not have to be traumatized from the doctor again.

It seems, when you push a bead up your nose then your nose starts running. Then you bounce around, gravity will loosen the bead. Then your mother can pinch the bead out from your nose. Leaving extra time for the doctor to go on with other patients and ample time to wake the father up to come pick us up.

After getting home as we stood in the parking lane, I gave DH a kiss, even though he was not impressed. I thanked him for the rides. I stood there smiling at him, and soon he smirked. I told him he can be mad about it now, but in the morning you will be laughing.


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