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Yes the big bad debate. Another subject that divides us in two different places to throw knives into each others backs. I need to discuss this, because what I have seen is truly disgusting!

I think I am the only smoker who welcomed the by-law that we could no longer smoke in restaurants, then a few long years later, Clubs, Bars ect. I never liked eating while another smoked. I also could not take that nasty feeling the afternoon after the bar, feeling like I smoked every cigarette on the planet! Yet since I was a smoker who was also contributing to the ashtray, I could not bitch about it. I could though sympathize with what my non-smoking friends were talking about.

I also think I am the only smoker who welcomed the smoking ban in company vehicles and Taxis and I welcome the bill that is trying to limit smoking in apartment buildings. You can take the warm venues away from me just as long as I still get a justified outdoor spot. On the other hand, I also feel that a law is only as good as it can be enforced.

Now, I know that it was my choice to start, it’s my choice to continue to smoke or not. It’s my choice to buy another pack, and it’s also my choice to open it. It is not, however, my choice to light-up in a house or car around a child who CAN NOT choose for themselves. I don’t care who you are, you do not smoke in a confined area when there is a child around! And yes, I am yelling!

What really sickens me is when I hear people say “I will smoke in another room” or “All you have to do is blow it out the window”. Does this really make any sense? At least go freeze your ass outside, like the rest of us future cancer patients, when there is a child in the home or car! At least try to show the non-smokers and our future, you do care!

Yes I smoke, yes I know that there is smoke on my clothes and in my hair. I know all the information about it. K1 and K2 will get subjected to smoke (first and second-hand) by these means. I do try to limit those subjections. I will tell you that I will not smoke in a closed confined area where my daughters are. I also will limit my time to summer months when visiting with people who do smoke in their homes, so we will be outside. Again, I choice to smoke, my daughters didn’t.

I will consider myself a dedicated smoker, one who will go outside no matter what kind of weather it is. Not because I enjoy the Canadian weather, but because it’s best and it’s considerate. I say sorry when the wind catches the smoke into another’s face, and I try to be kind. After all, it’s my decision not theirs.

Smoking sucks everyone should quit. In a better world there would be no smoking among other things. If you chose to smoke and continue to smoke don’t smoke in the home or in the car with children! How freaking hard is that? If I, the most laziest person in the world can do it, then you can too!


2 responses to “Considerate Smokers

  1. Melodie December 28, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    This is interesting for me because my husband smokes and I am so against it, yet he doesn’t smoke around the kids (although his second-hand smoke sometimes invades our space even in the best of times) or in the house so I don’t feel I can complain too much. However, (and this is where I would like your take on this) he has started smoking up the chimney after everyone goes to bed. I have asked him to stop, but because the smoke isn’t getting in to the house where people can smell it he refuses to stop. It’s a principle thing at this point. I understand where he is coming from but the rule is “No smoking in the house.” So what do you think? Am I going overboard?

    • Our Sentiments December 28, 2009 at 9:14 pm

      Again as a smoker, I don’t believe in smoking in confined areas around children of any age. I am personally struggling with DH and smoking in the car when the children are not in it. Until I find the children hiding a pack of cigarettes, people go outside to smoke. I know that what I have said here in this post is contradictory because although you smoke outside you still have smoke in your clothes and hair. It is best not to smoke at all. IMO, smoking outside and taking off your sweater and jacket before picking your child up limits the amount around the children. Along with leaving the window and door closed while outside having a cigarette.

      I would go to the lengths of standing on the sidewalk if we lived in a house, however in an apartment the balcony is the farthest from an open window or door we have. I wish you luck in speaking to your DH about limiting smoking to outside and I hope you success in this situation.

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