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I have pondered for a while now, on what I should have for the first posting for 2010. The only thing in my life that have some importance is our daughters. I have forgotten what a lame life I had before these two girls came into my life. Yes, I remember getting sleep, but would I close my wary eyes and miss all the things these eyes have seen? Not in a million years.

K1 came into my life when DH did. It’s hard to think that she was the same age as K2 is now, when I first met her. 2.5, what a wonderful age. It brings a smile on my face when I remember when K1 first seen the apartment we where moving into, she loved the height so much the first place she went was the balcony door.

What lovely times we shared, the first time K1 felt K2 kicked in the womb, but the most heartfelt is stealing private moments that the girls share together. I love hearing the tiny giggles, while they are in K1’s bed. When K1 comes on her visits, DH and I no longer exist. When I think back to all the nice and wonderful firsts of K2 most of them include K1.

My hope is that both girls will have a great future together and still be in wonder and love with each other. I dream of them to be the best of friends and continue to share life together. The most important is for them to know their value in my life and that they can continue to come to me for help and with their troubles.

K1 and K2, you have nestled a warm and cozy place in my heart. I will forever be grateful for this place you’ve made. My life will be forever in colour with the love you both have given me. So pure, so innocent, so true. I will continue to watch you both grow, with the deepest smile and warmth you both have placed in my heart. I want you both to remember that when life gets busy and life happens, you both are the most important.


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