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Another Hole – When You’re Ready…

I know that every parent, or at least the good ones, do what they can and what is best with the information they had at the time. I am going to try to write about another hot topic, baby/child ear-piercing.

When K2 was younger, I never even thought this was an issue. I just thought just like anything else, parents do what they feel is best. Every child is different, and every parent will parent each child differently for this reason. Some parents will wait a bit longer before piercing others it is a coming of age.

I originally was going to get K2’s ears pierced when she was young. However time did not permit. Since she was in the hospital for the first 2 weeks of her life, and there was only 3 days of getting to know her before the screaming of GERD happened. She found her ears before I could get them done.

That was my thing. To get them done before the child can grab at the earrings. I never knew there was a whole new ball game. Today I am glad that life happened and she still does not have extra holes in her body, until she is ready for them. Here is why.

I am addicted to piercing. I loved the rush I got after the addition of my jewelry. I love the new weight it made. I did not, however, like the extra cold my areas were in cold climates, I am sure I have covered that issue.

Please don’t get me wrong I am not all holey (not saying that is a problem). I have my tongue, belly and ears done. I used to have earring all the way up my ears, but I have let some close over. I would like some extras but that is a bit personal for here. Anyways during my madness with the love of piercings and the jewelry that goes along with it, I met a friend who is also interested in this as well. She actually sold beautiful pieces of jewelry as well.

It was upon talking to her about the lack of time I had for K2 to get her ears done that she gave me some fine and very common sense information. She begged me to promise not to get K2’s ears done with a gun. Although I don’t really talk to her much anymore, I still am going to keep that promise. I am also grateful to have her give me the information I would like to pass on to my readers.

So you may be asking – If you don’t get it done with a gun then what do you get it done with?

Well a needle. Yes, a needle. The same needle that you should be getting all your body piercings done with. This in fact is much cleaner and hygienic then the gun any day. I could give you some links supporting this but there are too many to add here. Please Google “Why not to pierce with a gun”.

Most of the links you will read the gun can’t be properly cleaned and there is still bodily fluids on the gun, the gun is usually ‘cleaned’ after each piercing not both before and after, the gun piercer only have about 2 weeks ‘training’, etc.

The needle, however, is sterile if you go to a reputable piercer. Needles are only used once, and so are most of the equipment used. All items should be opened, damaged after each use and thrown away (in a hazard box) in front of you. The most important is the piercer is there for any questions, you leave with a care-sheet and the piercing heals faster with the needle than the gun.

So you may be curious on how this relates to K2. Well K2 will be 3 in April and is still un-pierced. DH and both feel she should ask about it and help with the cleaning of her own body. When K2 does ask about earrings she will be told about how it’s done, that it will hurt and where she will go to get it done. We may even take her there as well to see how it’s done.

We have also discussed where she will get it done. This is where it might turn people off. We have made the choice to get her ears pierced by a person who have spent not just weeks but years as an apprentice, then years piercing. One great place to find a person in this trade is at your trusted local tattoo parlor.

You might have fallen off your chair now, calling us crazy, or maybe you think this thought ridiculous for a child to go to a tattoo venue for a simple act as piercing an ear. In my opinion, with the information I know now, I would not go to a dentist to take a look at look at my eyes. I would go to an Optometrist, this is the same thing.

Also depending on where you are, I have heard Midwives, nurses and other professions doing this procedure as well. So if you have not pierced your child’s ears at least you are given some further information to think about and look into. Leave a comment and let me know how it went or if I have not listed another profession that pierces with needles.

If you have already had your child’s ears pierced and it was done by a gun, don’t worry. I am not hear to tell you you’ve done something terribly wrong or your say you are less of a caring parent. Like I have said above, everyone does the best they can with the information they have at the time.


2 responses to “Another Hole – When You’re Ready…

  1. Pixie J January 12, 2010 at 6:42 am

    I am glad someone told u about the gun.
    first off all it is really dirty and disgusting.
    second, it is really scary. I was 9 when my dad took me to the hairdresser(I had bagged for years) I remember every thing that happend as it was yesterday. had I known what I know now I would have prefered a piercer. my lobes got so swollen that I couldn’t sleep well for a week. way more painfull then getting my septum pierced!

    in my opinion the most important thing, you shouldn’t piercer your child. because then it is your choice and not the kid. it is a body motification, that should be choosen by the owner of the body not it’s parent.

    I really like that u are gonna wait until she asks, to many parents are afraid of their childrens question and I think that is sad.
    I saw my frist heavly tattooed man when I was 7(a local tattoo shop opned)
    at first I was terrified, but we talked to him and he told me about his “drawings” and the shop still excist. I still heng around their, it’s the same people working their and they are the nicest person I know

    • Our Sentiments January 12, 2010 at 7:54 pm

      I had a similar experience. I too also bugged my father for months about getting an additional hole in my ear, before he finally caved. My bad experience was the backing actually embedded inside my ear. It eventually had to be cut and extracted out. Unfortunately I did not know there was other resources for piercings so I redid it again 5 times on each ear.

      Although I do agree with both sides of the debate on child’s ear piercing. I really wanted to put forth the information that if a parent chooses to pierce an infant’s ears to see there are other options that are safer and more effective than the gun.

      Thank you so much for replying to this post I am glad that the word is getting out there in the public ears.

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