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What Happened to the Telephone?

I am not one for emails, I check mine rarely, I just can’t be bothered to go through 150+ emails, most of them that should have been directed to the Junk folder. I will try to quickly go through my in-box, then I will hesitate the pointer over Junk Folder. I don’t even know why I bother separating the two. I always have to look into the junk for my real emails anyways.

It never surprises me that I will get a lead for my business. “Hi I need care for my …. who is …. please call….” Sent two days ago. So here comes my vent. What ever happened to the phone? If I needed someone to look after my child and if I sent an email, I would wait a few hours then call. Well to correct myself, I would rather call the person for a better feel.

I can understand that people are busy these days, and sometimes the telephone is not available or possible at the time. However, in my opinion, when it comes to investigating into the care of your child, email should not be the primary contact.

Seems to me, an extrovert, that people are loosing the contact to other beings. It burdens me that no one can be reached by phone anymore. For now I am trying to take all my email contacts off all my ads… Wonder if  that would work?


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