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For the past few nights I have thought to myself. I know that most of my friends and family knows how passionate I am about Breastfeeding including Natural Duration Breastfeeding, but that is not what I am entirely all about. So I thought I would make a post about things that I am also an advocate about with a general idea or a link or two about why I feel it’s important to advocate it.

Note: The below are my personal beliefs and are addressed here for parents and care-givers to seek out the right information for their family.  Before making any choices please talk with professionals and make your own conclusions.

Extended Rear-Facing: Although the requirements in Canada states that you can forward-face your child when your child is over 1-year-old and over 20 pounds. It is safer for the child to be in the rear-facing position for as long as possible. For further information on Rear-Facing Child Seats I recommend www.Car-Seat.org. K2 is going on 3 and is still in the weight and height requirements for her seat and is still rear facing. DH and I argue about this now and then (to come to think of it we are due for another one LOL), and I always win! Why you ask? Here is a story of a child in a crash, please be aware this maybe disturbing to some viewers, but it’s a MUST see/read! Joel’s Journey. After looking for the link I have noticed a little girl the same age as K2 was in a similar accident and was harmed, just like Joel, give me a bit to hug my daughter… Lets get the word out parents!

Note: Looking at Joel’s Progress page the family was approved to have a Swedish Rear-Facing Car-seat, congratulations! I hope it gets approved for the rest of us.

Jackets/Bulky Jackets/Snugglies + 5-point Harness = NOT GOOD!: I usually send out a mass email to all my contacts about winter safety and the 5-point harness right around the time it starts to get cool. Some read it, most not, but I sleep better at night knowing I have tried to send out the message. Why do I do this? I was quite frankly pissed right off when I went to a Car-Seat seminar and was informed about anything that goes under the baby or child in a car-seat leaves that much room for the give of the straps. Result: The child potentially being projectile out of the seat and out of the car in a crash. As I look down at my tiny 5 month old in a fluffy pink snuggly (or bunting bag) I raged, why was I not informed about this? Things no one tells you until you seek it out yourself or until something bad happens, then the parents get blamed.

Note: Any additional products that is not in the box or sold by the manufacturer of the same seat and model should not be used for any seat. This includes neck protectors and bunting bags (exclusion of the bags that go on the outside of the seat).

October 15th / Wave of Light: This one is a bit hard for me still even after all these years. October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness. It’s for anyone who has suffered or know anyone who has been affected with pregnancy and/or infant loss. On October 15th you light a candle for one hour starting at 7pm in all time zones. This creates a wave of light for 24 hours around the world, for the memory of our loved ones who was taken much too early. This is a time where supporters, loved ones and parents can reconnect to the ones dear. I light a candle and put it on my balcony, my personal reason: From earth to Heaven I send my love to my two unborn, my four brothers or sisters, and a dear friend’s son whom I loved like my own. Also without a word, I can state I am a mother of 3, not just 1.

For further information please link to www.october15th.com or Google “The Wave of Light For Infant and Pregnancy Loss” etc.

There is also something that I came across over the net one night about Mother’s Day and carnations; a white carnation on one shoulder states you are mother who lost a child. I have tried looking for the link with not much luck. So if any readers out there knows this link or something similar please comment.

Exclusive Breastfeeding OR Formula Feeding for Minimum of 6 Months: Yes, we’ve all heard about it, we all know the reasons why it’s important. So I wont go on about it and sound like a true mother to the point of nagging. I believe in it passionately that this is included in my home daycare policies. Yes, I know that parents have final say, but I do believe that the Family and Provider should be a suited fit.

NO to Over The Counter Decongestions for Children Under 10: This might be a surprise to most people. I do know that it’s really not enforced outside of Canada, I also know that Canadians only know about the age of 7 and under. When talking to healthcare professionals, they will recommend not to administrate OTC Cough and Cold medications to anyone under 10 years old. Why? Mostly because these medications are not proven to work, and some medications actually create more mucus. On the other hand, some concentrate the virus by limiting the mucus, therefore your body can’t get rid of the virus as fast. So labels might say one age, but healthcare professionals will suggest to wait until after 10, some 12 years old.

Makes sense here. I find since I have rid of OTC medications for flues and colds I am not sick as long or as bad. Before I would be sick for months. So in my home, home remedies are used for colds and flues – nurse often, clear liquids if there is no appetite, nice hot showers or steam the room and have a bath and if in question see a doctor. Although a cough is a pain in the butt, especially at night, I always think that a normal cough is riding the body of the bug. Note: I am not giving medical advise, just things I believe to be important and I advocate/believe in. If you find your child sick please see your doctor for advise.

Nestle-Boycott: I personally boycott Nestle products that I know are Nestle. There are a few misjudgments and poor choices on my behalf, but majority of the time Nestle does not get any of MY hard-earned money. DH will buy K2 chocolate from Nestle and he will roll his eyes when I say “Oh, perfect Chocolate for a 2-year old – Made by a two-year-old”. Yes, I don’t like K2 eating or having anything Nestle, but I have to grit my teeth, I breastfeed her until SHE is finished, I guess they can have Nestle, at my duress! More information about the Nestle Boycott: Fair Trade Issues, PhD in Parenting, Baby Milk Action, and Nestle Boycott.

Children: This includes tending to a child’s NEEDS at any age, therefore no crying-it-out. There is so much science behind this one, so I wont go in too much to retort to nagging again. In this area it includes having human rights. In my position, a child can tell a caregiver, through words or actions. A child is born into the world and should be included in our lives, not made to fit our schedules and definitely not around or born for show.

Birthing Rights: Now I would like to start off that yes, I did have vaginal birth with K2. Some might think I should not voice my opinions about birthing options, since I had a ‘natural birth’ and I don’t or can’t understand a fellow mother who had a c-section. Well just because I had vaginal birth does not mean I consider K2’s birth natural. I can truly relate to loss.

At the time it was all good, but learning about birthing and the rights to knowledge lead me to believe a different thought. I believe in VBAC’s, the right to home births, midwives and the right to not be induced or intervened upon during birth. I believe that child birth is a chance in itself and first and foremost the mother is the primary patient who has rights to her care and treatment.  A mother should be given all information and not scare tactics like I had and so many other women.  If I could do it over again, I would have K2 at home with a midwife, like my gut was telling me too. If and when births do come up these feeling about my birthing experience comes into play, I am trying really hard for it not to happen, but it does. I am not a pusher for most things, although I sound like it at times, I am a believer of women, and would never want an enemy to feel like this.

I know that this is a short list, but it’s a few to start with now. Of course I am not entering this to debate or belittle those with different views. I also understand there are many more causes that are of importance, again this is only a short list. Call it my top lists of things I advocate for.


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