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Jasper – RIP

DH went over to the pet store one day to pick up some crickets for the reptiles. He was gone an awfully long time, but I was cleaning around and did not notice much; well until he called.

He told me that the store was busy so while he waited for the order he walked around the bird area; which he does often. This lead to the rabbit pens, he thought this one was so cute that he picked one up.

Now, DH is not what I would call a sensitive sort of man. He does not like the cute puppies jumping around saying “pick me”, his creatures of choice are the hairless, cold-blooded beings. DH comes from a home that never was allowed animals and with a mother who does not think animals being any importance. So with this it was weird how our conversation went:

DH: So the store is busy, so I went around to check up on Spike, but he was sleeping and I slowly made it to the rabbit section. No one was around so I picked up this one with multiple colours to him. He snuggled into me and was making a nibble noise, he’s actually pretty cute! Cheryl came and made a joke about me bending the rules, since there was a sign I did not see saying “do not pick up the rabbits”.

Me: So you bought him…

DH: No, I was just calling you to tell you about him, he is really cute, the girls would love him….

Me: So you bought him, right?

DH: No, I just thought he was cute and the sign story was funny.

Me: Is the papers ready right now?

DH: Well… ya, but I wanted to call you first…..

So DH brings the bunny home, as a present to the girls for Christmas. Seriously how can you not fall in love?


Well this little buddy was pretty cute indeed. I still can’t get over how DH — the mainly man, feel in love with something with hair. Jasper was great for a bunny, he never bite, he gave kisses and the only things he chew was, of course, mine. Yes, chewing was the only thing this little brown, tan and white fur ball had against him, but he would melt your anger with a little snuggle.

Three days ago I noticed that he was hanging out around the food area, and was not chewing things all day. The no chewing is comparable to children and quiet, or children who are quiet then giggle. Not really good. So I went to check him out. I noticed on of his ears were laid flat on his ‘neck/back’ and the other was up. Which he never does. So I checked out his ear and noticed a bit of a scratch. Then yesterday I noticed there was a part where the ear was swollen. I called the pet store to see if they had anything for this kind of issue, but nothing was there, they told me to put Polysporin on it. I asked about the Rayleigh’s Medicated Salve, which I use on all my family (fur or skin). They said that should work. So I did about 5 applications before the night and Jasper seemed to be perking up. He even started giving me kisses and later before bed, while I was nursing K2, he clawed at my leg to be picked up on to my lap.

This morning I was awoken with thrashing, thumping noise. The first thing I did was think of him. I unlatched K2 ran into the room, where his crate is. Sadly he’s taken a turn to the worse. I wont to into grave detail, because mainly I am still shaken about it. I have been nursing K2 and trying to nurse a bunny back to health for the past 12 hours. All with my efforts failing him.

All morning I have called vets, I searched on Rabbitrescue.ca for links of Rabbit vet they recommend and called every one of them in the area. No call back. So I called the vet that I take my cat too. They said they don’t have a vet who deals with rabbits but they can see him. Then I called the pet mobile centre we have here and he wanted over $200 just for him to come here and the exam! Something at this time we do not have. I asked him do you know about rabbits, and of course the answer was no.

I have learned in the past, do not take an animal to a vet who does not specialize in the species of animal you want to get checked. I know that rabbits have extremely sensitive systems and some medications they might prescribe to him, could make things worse (please, if you don’t believe me go to RabbitRescue.ca).

I had a friend of a friend come this afternoon to check him out, and she has seen this before, and unfortunately none of them made it. She gave us directions on how to keep him comfortable and how to care for him throughout the night until the morning when we can take him into the Rabbit Vet.

Jasper passed away about 7:30PM tonight. Although we’ve only had him since October, and I have been known to threaten to get him another home. I never thought that I really cared for him so much as to cry for him, to syringe feed him water, or wipe his bottom with a baby wipe after he passed; and not think about how the effort is too much.

It’s going to be strange tomorrow morning when K2 wakes up and says we have to take Jasper out. It’s going to be weird not to hear the chewing, and it’s going to be a void when I go to put out food. Yes, I did not want him, and Yes, it was left up to me to care for, but he was a great rabbit, he grew in my heart and I loved him. I guess when life is happening you never get the chance to feel these things so purely as you would if you where a child.

Rest in peace my friend Jasper. I know you are in a better place. I am sorry that my efforts failed you, I am sorry that I did not see your ear as being a life threatening thing until it was too late. I am sorry I am not a vet, and I am sorry I could not get you to one fast enough. Most of all I am sorry for your life being so short. You’ve left us with love in our hearts, and lovely memories. Say hello to the furry family that came before, and tell them I loved another because they loved me.


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