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So I had this huge debate with a friend the other night, about his Facebook Status. I wont get to much involved except he was inhumanely voicing his opinion about a division of our Canadian Social Service — Welfare. I did comment to tell him that I found his status very offending. There are many people who need these services, especially after the recession and if he thinks someone is abusing this system, then to report it instead of bitch about it. Then came the “This is a social network and if you don’t like what you see then don’t look or comment!”

Well this apparently, does not work with Breastfeeding, so why would this work in this particular case. Yes, you might be thinking another person who is making it all about breastfeeding, but in all honesty I really try hard not too. It was the first thought that came to mind.

I feel no matter what the status is, it should not go against human rights. No racial slurs, no sexual discrimination, no discrimination period. I can turn away when a mother creates a status about formula, I may make a pleasant comment if there is a CIO status (things that have helped with us), I turn away when there is a religious themed status or about how much a person loves their spouse, but I most certainly will not look away when someone, who is on my contact list, is being humanly cruel!

Yes, there are people out there that are riding the system, I am lucky I have never came to contact with such a person. If I did, I would report them. Not because I am a snitch, but because before being a SAHM I worked. I put into this system too. I never had an issue with paying into it, if it was given to people in need. Call it the Canadian way. Help those, because in return they can help you.

Some people on the system, in lack of words here, have worked before. So they too, have paid into it. What is the issue? The same people who complain about the system are the same people complaining about the homeless. That is one big oxymoron, if I never heard one before.

To put in better context, while working, I did not have children,  I did not drive, I never been to the hospital until I gave birth, I put into Employment Insurance since 17 years of age, and only received Maternity Leave. So does this mean I should be mad, because these services are helping some else’s child go to school and be educated, or another to drive on my part of the road that my money helped fixed. Or even be mad at all the money I put into EI that I never will receive, or the health care that I never asked for.

My answer is no! I am helping someone else, who in return will be helping me. It feels good to be a Canadian and give to those I don’t know. To help a child I never birthed, go to school and become successful or the single parent who could not make it without help. I don’t even mind helping, that person who ran out of EI and still could not find a job or the person who was denied disability, because they are not disabled enough.

What I am saying is, it’s so easy to assume that people who are on Social Services are taking your money and watching TV with it. Believe me, when you listen to their stories, and you try to relate, it will make you see, it will make you a better person. Who knows, you might need the help one day too.

Everyone needs a helping hand, everyone hits a time in their life when they were not enough. I don’t mind helping, and in paying into these services, I am putting money into helping people that I might not otherwise be able too do. I am helping my home land, the place that gave me such great opportunities.

For those who are mad about paying into this pot, the only thing I can say is try to remember your tax dollar might actually be put into a service you are for and not against. This way of thinking might help you sleep better at night, be a better giver and even be a better person.


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