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What It Means to Remember

Dearest Lil Miss,

Never in a million years did I think I would ever have a child, never mind a wonderful child like you. I also never thought that I would be a mother to nurse past infancy, through toddler-hood, and into childhood. In the beginning the goal was to nurse you the next time and to make it count. Now we nurse for many reasons.

With you cradled in my arms, soft and warm. Your bright blue eyes looking up at me, I realize. These are the moments to remember. How in my heart I need you to remember what it was like the closest to my heart. To feel the safest, to feel loved, to giggle at the breast. Most of all, the amount of times we shared, staring into each others eyes.

What it means to remember – The love, the hope, the feelings. To know that this was our moment of reflection, a time to be in wonder and aw of what is. The emotional warmth that is spilled through our physical contact. Most of all, that is was our choice.

Often looking back, I never thought that you remembering, would be so important. It chocks me up to think that you may not. I need for you to remember to increase your chances of giving this to your children. I need you to remember so that you know I did chose you over house work and chores. I need you to remember what it was like to be held through the night. I need you to remember how you felt after you were overwhelmed and it was me that you came too. Also I need you to remember so you will always feel that you are worth every time invested.

The most important is that breastfeeding you was the one thing I have done right since your birth. I want you to remember,  I need you to remember, please remember.


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