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25 Useless Me Facts

I was going through my Facebook Notes and came across this. It made me smile, so I thought I would share some weirdness.

1. When I was ‘younger’ the first time I saw a ‘mooning’ action, just happened to be towards my mother while she was walking down our street from the grocery store “Who’s ass was that in my F&%^$ Bay Window” Oh where is Rosealea now?

2. I secretly thought that I had a good singing voice, and thought that if I was not shy I could make it in Nashville.

3. I have always wanted one child.

4. I have always known I would make motherhood my profession, and my first priority. I also do not have no problem with the saying “Bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen”.

5. K2’s name and spelling came to me in a dream after my Gramms passed away, before that I had Falina (Fa-Leen-Ah) picked out for my daughter

6. I smell my Gramms’ perfume when things are really bad

7. I used to write poetry, and always wanted to publish it, but was afraid it was too dark and people would lock me up.

8. I truly believe in the saying “Death by Doctors”, and I second guess everything they say.

9. If I had the money and the life time I would go back to school to become a Forensic Scientist AND an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

10. My Friend and I knew the ending of the movie Fallen, about 5 minutes into the movie, while the others sat around saying “I don’t get it”.

11. I REALLY HATE WET JEANS! People have been killed for less! Rain + Jeans = NOT a GOOD day! End of story.

12. Before I became a mother, if something messed up my mood first thing in the morning, I would return home, put my PJs on and call it a day. My day was NOT going to get any better.

13. I used to have impulses to push people just to see their faces just before they fell…. I am giggling now.

14. When I was younger, I thought my thighs where too fat because they rubbed together when I walked and that my neck was too long. Stupid children.

15. I used to ‘love’ my sister so much that I got grounded one day when my father came home to find her in a box taped with duct tape with a small little hole for air, at the front door….. Oh, the good times!

16. The crew I used to hang out with called me FKIT2 (Fat Kid In Training 2) Amy was FKIT1, Shawn was FK1, Kris was FK2 and Gord was FK3… The good ol’ days! We also had vacuum nick names too, but I can’t for the life of me remember.

17. I just got in touch with a person I always considered my older sister.

18. The things that frustrate me about K2 are also the same things that I HATE about myself…. Weird eh?

19. When I go to amusement parks I usually steal the younger children so I could ride on the kiddy rides with them. I HATE roller coasters! Good thing I have K2 now because all the “babies” are all grown up now.

20. I also believe in the saying “A mother does not just love their children, they are IN LOVE with them”.

21. I am hard and expect more of others, but I am worse on myself and I often lay awake for hours, thinking about things before I go to bed.

22. I have thought myself into insomnia for 2 weeks!

23. I helped my sister discover she had bones when she was about 3 by calling her a bone head… inside joke I guess.

24. In my childhood, I was a great perfectionist, my books had to be arranged by size than alpha, the tag on my blanket had to be at the bottom of my bed, my toys had to be lined up by size, my pillows had to be fluffed multiple times, my food could not touch each other and I ate off of those peace sign plates into my late teens, my clothes in my closets was organized my colour/pants/shirts/group and size… you get the drill. That being said, I did have the messiest room ever, but I knew what pile was what and where to find things on my floor.

25. I was named after Tanya Tucker, yet my mother knew too many Tanya’s so she changed the pronunciation and spelling to Tonia….. However, when I went to  school, I knew 6 Tonia’s in my grade, 3 were in my class and one had one had a middle name and last name that differed from my own… nice try mom!

Bonus: My sister was delayed in her speech because there was no need for her to talk, I spoke for her.


5 responses to “25 Useless Me Facts

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  2. Amber April 12, 2010 at 12:07 am

    I still arrange my books by size. But then my kids un-arrange them. It makes me mental, I tell you!

  3. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud April 30, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Oh my goodness, these were great! I especially loved that you wrapped your sister in a box and left her on your doorstep. Not to mention, the compulsive tendencies are pretty funny but only because I can be the same way at times! lol
    Thanks for stopping by! I’d love for you to play along with me for “OH NO HE DIDN’T!” TUESDAY. It’ll be fun! Have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

    • Our Sentiments April 30, 2010 at 10:47 am

      I am glad that you liked this. I thought it would be funny to share. Every now and then I find something that I have written or have been apart of and I post it up here.

      I would love to be apart of Tuesdays. I would like to read others posts first. I don’t know what kind of feel you want, and there are a lot of Oh no he didn’t times here. Most are not funny.

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