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Lil’ Miss… Now You’re Three!

Lil’ Miss,

What a wonderful ride I have been on with you by my side. From conception to birth, to your third birthday. Over the years of constant changes, I still meet you in the end. I would do it all over again, I really would.

This time of year I am thrilled to think about the future, yet I tear-up about the past. Yes, my dear one, I have become the mother I thought I would never be, all teary eyed as you took your first steps and reminiscing about clothes you wore, that you now play with.

One day you will roll your eyes and say “Oh, Mother! Must you be like this?” My dear one, yes I must. You are special and you mean something, and I am honored to watch you grow.

Oh, Lil’ Miss, now you’re three. So many memories…

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Happy Birthday, I wish you peace, love and happiness, but most of all everything you need to be you. Thank you for letting me be apart of something really special and softening the edges of my heart, where it needed to be.

April 20, 2007 @ 2:50 am; 5 pounds, 8 Ounces; 19 inches long


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