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Seriously, What In This Green Earth, Are We Doing?

I read something today that just ticked me off enough for me to write about it. I am completely mystified about this, and it’s not the fairytale way either. I am livid.

I have my fair share of Mommy Guilt. Still to this day I think it’s something I have done that made K2 come early, or I that could have prevented it, she was given those nasty plastic bottles in the hospital, she was in so much pain and I did not know why until she was 5.5 months, I had a hospital birth besides what I wanted, I did not know about delaying clamping of the umbilical cord, we did not have enough money to bank her cord blood and I did not even get to nurse my daughter until 5-6 hours after she was born. If I had known I would have done thing’s so much differently.

This is why when results like this comes out I get heated. As I am reading this I am thinking of a mother, who for her own reason is not breastfeeding the child (let’s not make that an issue), she goes to the grocery store to pick a formula that  she feels would be best. Or maybe something the doctor recommended to her. Only to find out much later the ingredients for the formula that makes it higher quality, came from a fungus and an algae?

Do we even know if that is ok for a child? Fungi? Algae? REALLY? Who thought that one? Yes, these items can be ingested by adults but an infant? Come on people?

Of course I am not blaming the mother, the Mommy Guilt in me, makes me mad at whom ever is responsible for creating this mess. Hospitals, Medical Professionals, Society, Government groups, FDA and others. The people we are raised to rely on for proper information, to help us to make informed choices.

Can you imagine what ‘this’ mother would feel like? Who does she trust? What does she do? What if this was the mother of one of the babies that where sick and dehydrated from diarrhea? What do you say to that? What do you do? Meanwhile, companies just gains the profits and cash in the checks. Blood money, that is what they want.

This disgusts me. Not only because I have issues with the lack of knowledge young women face about motherhood, even before they become one, but because this is happening everywhere and in everything! It’s just sick! What, just because it’s not your child you don’t care? Do I want someone like this to make my food or even food I give my children? What about the FDA, are they not suppose to protect us from unseen risks? Are they not suppose to test things to ensure their safety? This article says they knew, THEY KNEW, about the symptoms, but passed it through. Just like the other thing – Aspartame (don’t get me started with that one).

What about company’s QA or QC or should I say the lack of it. How many infant/baby/children items gets recalled for improper mechanisms or LEAD PAINT? Strollers that cut off the tip of tiny fingers, infant toys that can cause lead poisoning, and formula that either has melamine in it or, improper DHA, RHA (Omega 3 and 6) and lord knows what else.

What are we doing? We are creating a world of distrust. I can’t go to buy a toy, or look at deli meat without thinking “How long is it going to take before they recall this? Will it be before OR after I eat it or my child sticks it in its mouth.” Do I have to grow a tree and garden, make my own toys from that tree and meals from that garden or even grow cotton for clothing, just to know they are safe?

To further my thought process on this, DHA and RHA is in everything we eat, that our children eat. If it was not passed properly, for formula then is it even safe for our solid foods for nursing and pregnant women? What about growing children, teenagers or everyday people?

It’s situations like these that makes my greed for having a child become a sin. What have I brought her into? I know that she will have to spend lots of money for councilors talking about how I failed her some way, but will I blame myself for giving her something now, that could have led to her shortness in life?

Seriously people, what are we doing? How do we stop, and how do we make it better?


4 responses to “Seriously, What In This Green Earth, Are We Doing?

  1. littleangelswithhorns May 11, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Love this! One of the main reasons I started my blog was to help mothers form their own opinions. Government, FDA etc….they all go hand in hand! They want to make a buck…they don’t care about us! My blog is about children with acid reflux…DHA was one of the items added to baby food that aggravated my kids reflux. Not a fan of DHA!

    • Our Sentiments May 12, 2010 at 2:32 am

      Interesting that we found each other, I just found out K2’s GERD is acting up. I was wondering if you would know of any resources about Aloe Vera Juice for a child of 3.

    • littleangelswithhorns May 12, 2010 at 11:13 pm

      Sorry…don’t know anything about Aloe Vera Juice. With my first child any kind of juice aggravated her reflux. Milk and water was all she knew for a long time.

    • Our Sentiments May 13, 2010 at 6:12 am

      No need to be sorry, I was just wondering if you heard or knew anything about it. I have ran into some articles about how great it was and how it fixed a lot of the damage GERD did. I know about milk and water, Kearah did not have that for a LONG time. Everyone thought I was holding her back, no one understood. She only received breastmilk for the first 2 years, I limited water because there was no calorie intake.

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