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I Love Home Depot Children’s Workshops!

We try to take K2 to the Home Depot Workshops. They do some really amazing things. They get an apron, a pin and a certificate to bring home as well.

This month, for Mother’s Day they did a Picket Fence Chair, with a pot in the center of the seat. I had not (until today) placed a plant in the pot, because I was indecisive on what I wanted to plant there. I was thinking Ivies, since I live those. I thought the image of the vines going across the back would be beautiful.

Yesterday, I was at Walmart and found these nice Mini Roses. So I thought wouldn’t that be pretty inside the pot. So I bought the roses and some Cactus Seed (of course pots and soil). So that was our project, we planted and re-potted).

So far, K2 only missed April’s Butterfly House, which I was really not impressed with myself about. April is a busy month for us and I stupidly forgot. Unfortunately, only the states can buy these projects to take home, so we have to wait for next year to do it.

Here are the Home Depot Projects that K2 has made so far (The finished Picket Fence Chair is at the end). If you not gotten the chance you should go, I highly recommended this FREE workshop.

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2 responses to “I Love Home Depot Children’s Workshops!

  1. Celina hosp May 16, 2010 at 10:47 am

    This is awesome!! I’ve been trying to find something for DH and DD2 to do together! So far it’s park,movie and arts and crafts. DH loves Home Depot!! This sounds great!!!!!

    • Our Sentiments May 16, 2010 at 4:06 pm

      That’s what I thought, but I have been taking her LOL. Here in Canada (I don’t know where you are) they have it for the 2nd Saturday, usually from 10-12pm. Rona and Lowes also does this as well, but I have found the quality of the finished craft is not as well as Home Depot. They do however feel the accomplishment either way. If you have a Micheals where you are you can either go online or go to the store to pick up a brochure for their crafts. Some of them are free some of them you need to purchase a kit.

      Next month Home Depot’s Children’s Workshop is doing a Soccer Game. Looks pretty easy for the new beginner 🙂 Again for those who live in the States, the link I gave you will also link to the area where you can purchase the kits and bring it home. This is what I wanted to do for K2’s Birthday, but they don’t sell here. 😛

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