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GERD (Silent) Part Forever

When starting this series, I thought I would write about the time it all started and when K2 was off medications. I wanted to include on the last post, places on the net that have helped me understand K2 better. Tips and tools for parents are in the same situation.

This was supposed to be the last in the series. The part where I start with how I felt like I failed my daughter, then finished with how I grew into the mother she needed.

Well, sadly the reason I have not finished this series, is because it’s back. Or should I say it never left. I can say it’s different in childhood than in infancy. There is not much shrieking, and she can tell me when she hurts, but knowing what to do so it does not hit. Well that is beyond me.

So a while ago, I was nursing K2, finally she would sleep, I would lay her down in our bed, just get all comfy at the computer, and she then would awaken crying. Signing and saying “Mommy, Don’t like”. A sign I taught her so she could tell me she was refluxing when she was a baby.

My heart sank. I was in between being mad at the not-even-15-minutes-nap to the you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me. How could I have missed this? I know her symptoms, I even knew when she was refluxing just by the look on her face.

At night, I can hear her gurgling. I can hear her gulping. It scares me, because I am again afraid of apnea or Esophageal Ulcers. I awaken with every movement she makes now, scared that it will come back with vengeance. I am scared for her because I can only imagine the pain she is having.

I am also scared because I know what can happen if GERD is not controlled. So I am in the place of choosing symptoms and long-term effects of the GERD or the Medication. Which one to choose?

She has not been acting right for months now, and I topped it off to the stage she is going through. Now, I am remembering that when her GERD was acting up she, understandably, was not the greatest to be around.

I am tied with what to do, because now I know that this is going to be life for her. It could affect her mildly, or she could eventually have issues with eating because of the pain association.

I don’t want to start medications, I think we should try home remedies first like elevating the bed again, resting after eating, watching what she eats. It’s going to be fun because she loves her hot sauce and pepper. Not to mention chocolate!

So this was supposed to be the closing of it all. This was supposed to be “My Daughter Had Reflux, and Here Are Things To Try” not saying that it will cure it, but it’s so nice to know that my life is no different from yours is.

Here we are again, and I am clueless, even more so than I was a year ago. I feel like I really don’t know K2 as much as I thought I did. If I did know her I would have seen the signs, I should have known.

So we are looking at a life long journey, I will find her support and what her triggers are. Right now I am seeking information about Aloe Vera Juice in children. I am thinking about it as a preventative. If we start the first stage of reflux medications (H2 Inhibitors) I know she will be making her way to the second stage (PPI). That for me is not right for a young child.

I don’t want her to have stomach cramping or side effects, or even lack of nutrient because the medication is decreasing the acids that aid in digestion or the others that pump out the food faster than its suppose too.

I am not looking forward to this, I am heartbroken for her. Again, I don’t know what to do. I am stuck, again, making decisions that I don’t know if will help or hinder. I am sitting here searching around PAGER for information. I am awaiting for one of their volunteers to answer my questions… Waiting for this to get better, or is this the calm before the storm?

Story begins here.


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