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Itchy Back – I Need Your Help!

K2 has some sensitive skin. Does not matter what time of year it is, she will itch herself to the point of opening her skin. Behind her knees, where her elbow bends, shins, stomach, back, even her public bone area. It’s like she would be better without skin.

I used to use Aveeno products on her, because these products helped with me when I got this way. Only to find out the Silicone they put in the product, plus the lye in the soaps could be the reason for all this mess. I was not impressed (A letter will be sent to them). So as I was going no ‘poo, I went to natural soaps for me and only water for K2 (if she is dirty then I will wash her with Glycerin Soap). I have also started putting Coconut Oil on her skin after baths and even in her bath when she was transitioning from the silicone that her skin was used too.

Now her skin is cleared up… All except her back, just under where her hair stops on her back/shoulder blades area.

This is what she does, I hope you can see clearly, she would not let me take the picture. Today I blended up Oatmeal and bathed her in it with cool water. Her and I soaked in it for about 45 minutes. I was thinking about Breastmilk, but I can’t express enough to get all her scratch marks. I was also thinking about Peppermint Essential Oils because that helps with enflamed skin (it’s wonderful on your hair/scalp), but I don’t know about open skin like K2’s. Would it sting?

So does anyone else know what else I can do that is cheap and natural?

Thanks So Much In Advance!


3 responses to “Itchy Back – I Need Your Help!

  1. Dionna @ Code Name: Mama May 28, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Have you had her tested for food intolerances/allergies? I wonder if it is eczema related to food. Poor baby 😦 Kieran gets little bumps sometimes – I *know* it’s a food intolerance, because there is no environmental rhyme or reason, I just haven’t pinpointed it yet.
    I hope she feels better soon!
    I also wanted to invite you to share a story for the “joys of breastfeeding toddlers” series – I’d love to have a guest post from you! 🙂

    • Our Sentiments May 28, 2010 at 4:21 pm

      Hello there, it’s wonderful to see you here. Here in Ontario or at least from what I know, they don’t test until the age of 5, unless there is a grave concern. So we have to try out elimination diets until we get it right. We are both going to do the Dr. Sears elimination diet because her reflux is bothering her.

      I would also love to do the entry for you. Would I just send it to you via email?

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