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It’s weird to think about what type of person I am today. Most of my posts usually has at least one comment of the person I was before K2’s birth. It’s true I am not the same person I was before. Today, I am known as the Crunchy Mom, not that I think there is anything wrong with it, but it was not my full intention.

The Crunchy Mom title is always said with pride and I have never had it used in a dulling fashion, so I guess that is why I don’t mind it too much. I believe it to be a compliment actually. I do have to be honest and tell my fellow Crunch Mom’s that this is not what I set up to be.

Over the years, our experiences has led me to another step into the crunch. Breastfeeding, Acid Reflux, Night Wakings, and My Heart. Things that I feel passionate about now, did not affect me before. If one would tell me a product causes cancer I would simply say “I am dying anyways, I might as well live!” Now, not so much. If that was told to me I would stop using the product, do some research for days, then seek alternatives.

I have found more and more products leaving my home over the past year, I am thinking I am going to end up with making my own stuff, now saying that in a negative remark. I am saying in a I should not have to feel like this, remark. With Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, out went the items with Aspartame and Nestle affiliations. Then with the arrival of K2, was smoking in the house, Vaseline and Petroleum Products.

Most recently, it was our cleaning and personal products; shampoo, conditioner, body washes, dish soaps, hand soaps, lotions, sanitary products, store-bought sunscreens and laundry soaps to list a few. You feel the crunch don’t you?

I have my reasons for everything and I am still finding out more. It’s like a snowball effect, and even though I feel a certain relief that now my family can literally eat and shower at the same time. I have this feeling inside of “It should not have to be like this”.

Here is our story of our latest elimination of chemical cleaners for our home and personal use.

I can always remember my skin feeling tight and dry and Oh my, the itch. I would scratch my head, legs, and arms. It did not feel right and no amount of creams would take this issue fully away. I went to doctors and they just said I have dry skin, use products that are water based and have more water in them. So I did…. It did not work…. The only thing that would work at best would be to switch between Aveeno products and something baby.

This was for years, and I never questioned why. Again, another it’s-not-me-it’s-you deal. This was until our daughter was getting the same thing. At birth she would have the same rashes as I would, and she would scratch herself. In an earlier post you will see that she scratches until she leaves welts on her skin. I took her to the doctors and of course received the same thing: Water base products, more water, try Aveeno Baby. So I did, and it worked for her. So I bought the line of products.

Until this spring started and K2’s rashes started again. Then I started thinking, when my analytical brain starts, it does not stop.

I looked up eczema and other skin conditions and none of them looks or even sounds like K2’s issue. I came across information about the detergents in our personal cleansers and how people have allergic reactions to these products. I saw pictures, what I was seeing was what was happening to us. Then I remembered my first Christmas Gift from DH, a spa! One appointment I had a facial, and in that facial I was told that not only do I have Sensitive Skin, but I have Allergic Sensitive Skin. Why did I forget that over the years I have no idea.

So back in April, I researched not only money-saving things I could do, but how to wipe out all detergents in our home. While looking into this issue it lead from body washes to shampoos. From shampoos, the cycle of shampoo-conditioner-shampoo. Then the silicone in our products and how that affects our rashes….. I just shook my head. I was armed with a list of ingredients that were our enemy and threw out what I could. Out went body bars, deodorants, hair sprays and shampoos. I even have to through out our home cleaners and dish washing stuff next but have to find an alternative first. Next is my make-up.

Starting to go No ‘Poo and Silicone-free was the most irritating thing I have ever done. I feel for the people who have tried it and said screw this. Believe me, the detox sucks ace!

My hair felt it was having one of my pregnancy mood-swings. Greasy to waxy to dry to this weird smell. It’s not suppose to smell so I went to the doctors and asked to be checked out for a scalp infection. Nothing, still don’t know what it is. I can only assume, it’s because I am not used to the smell of real hair, so it smells different. I miss my flowers and vanilla smells. Still experimenting on the essential oils, they don’t hold in my hair well though.

Then there was Silicone, this one is longer to detox from, than shampoo! Silicone in conditioners can only be cleaned from your shampoos, UGGG! So I had to use Dawn to get all the silicone out of my hair and started fresh. 3 weeks of wanting to shave my head.

For our skin, that was another sucks ace moment. The silicone in the lotion told my skin to limit the oils it makes to protect itself. Now without the silicone and limited oils our skin was open to the elements and pollutants in the air. So me thinking just to stop lotion and be rid of everything caused K2 and I so much discomfort, I was thinking about fishing our old products from our apartment’s disposal bin.

K2 broke out in patches of rashes and I just broke out. EVERYWHERE. AT first, I thought it was an allergy to the Coconut Oil. It seems to be our luck, that we would be the ‘small percent’ who was. Really, it was the detox period, and I should not have stopped the lotion over night. So we gradually decreased the amount of times we put our Aveeno Products on. It was so hard to put something on us that I knew caused the issue in the first place.

The only good thing about the silicone weaning, was it did take my mind off of my gross hair and how I had to do another dry wash with corn starch. When we were down to using the Oil only I noticed how less my hair felt heavy and gross. I was amazed. My hair felt pretty good. So my hair was good, K2’s hair never had an issue and our skin was starting to feel like skin and not like road-rash.

As mentioned, K2 recently had a rash that was on her back, and that confused me. Since we stopped using soaps, lotions and conditioners, I was not sure what it could be. Nothing extra was put on her body that could not be ingested. So I posted here, on Twitter and Facebook, hoping that someone would add to my list of things it could be. This is when the laundry soap came in. So I am going to try an enzyme eater for our wash and cleaning needs. I will write about that when I have used that for a while.

This ball does not stop there, because something else is happening that I am just recently made aware of. Sunscreen! Are you kidding me! Again we use Aveeno Sunscreen and I will let this link say it all. You could imagine how angry I am about Aveeno Sunscreen being a warning of 7 on the EWG Database. This is a product I have put on K2 since she was 6 months old.

So in closing I have:

Made my own hair cleaner/conditioner and experimented with ingredients, Started Glycerin Soap for our body, Weaned off of lotions and started using Coconut Oil, Brainstormed about what was the cause of K2’s last rash, Searched into a chemical free laundry soap or how to make my own. Searched what is the safest sunscreen I can get in Canada for our family.

Still on the list, Henna Hair dye and what recipe and the amounts I need for my hair, Find someone with a Costco Card so they can pick up Pink Solution for us, Look into homemade cleaners or using Pink Solution, Go through EWG’s Cosmetic Database and see what are safe to use for make, and find an Essential Oil or Herbs that will make my hair stink pretty. I think I have it all, I am not sure, one thing just leads to another.

In the end I hope that these things will save money and increase our health. Right now I am enjoying seeing my family eating honey and coconut oil while they shower.


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