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Ok I Did A Stupid!

I am a busy person with family and doing my home daycare. Usually there are times where it seems like I have not posted anything. Really during that time I am making entries and scheduling them for the future week, in hopes that I will be able to come up with something creative to write about. Does not usually happen, as you can tell.

So two weeks ago, I had a few things to write, and scheduled them for last week with a few days in between. That way readers will have a few days grace to read and wont have lots to catch up on.

What I also do is when I am invited to guest post on another person’s blog I do them within WordPress, because I really love the editing features, believe me I NEED editing features. So I have a few that are supposed to stay in my drafts section, and a few in my scheduled section.

Well one post, posted when it was not suppose too. So I don’t think I will keep copies on WordPress anymore, since I do “A Stupid” when the moment seems to be perfect. Sense my sarcasm? Come on I know you do.

So this ‘Stupid’ was the I Nurse A Three Year Old post. That was supposed to be for the Joys of Nursing a Toddler Carnival for Code Name Mama. Of course as soon as I found out it posted I deleted it promptly and I hope does not affect the rules of the carnival.

So that is my entry today: I did a stupid, and I am sorry for those who read before they were suppose too, and I am sorry to Code Name Mama as well.


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