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“And How Many Children Do You Have?”

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There is a lot that I can take from this world, and I have taken a lot, but “And how many children do you have?” statements are on the top of my list. As with, “Don’t you think she should be on cow’s milk by now” and, “You’ll be sorry“.

It infuriates me. I read it all the time: A mommy group/page, a topic is posted, parents comment and one person will chime in with, “And how many children do you have?” and my blood boils. My hand whips my thighs leaving a welt and my daughter confused with my reason for smacking myself.

What? People who have one child are below one’s parenting capabilities? By having more than one makes this person a better parent with better parenting tools?

Most of all what really ticks me off is, not because I am a parent to one child (by blood), not because I chose to have only one, but because I having one child does not make me a mother to only one (more on that later in October).

How cruel is that, if one posts this comment without thinking who the heck they are talking too, and not knowing if the child this person has is not adopted. Or if they had found other means to have that child. Or what if that person can’t have anymore because of a horrific birth?

I just wish that people would think that just because a parent who have one, that their ideas still can be heard. Just because parents have one, does not mean that their thoughts are less valid than those who have 3 or 4 or even 8.

Just like how parents with three or more can give insight of what is a real concern and what is not; a parent of one can remind other parents of certain things that remain important that could be overlooked.

Both parties have something good to say and should have equal opportunity with the Talking Stick. Both parties are parents in the same group, meaning they have similar interests. What does it matter how many children one has? We all started out with one…


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