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I Am In A Funk

So it’s almost Breastfeeding Week and I am in a funk. I actually think I bit off more than I can chew. I guess another I am She-ra thing. See I thought I would make a personal entry everyday for Breastfeeding Week, some are linked to Breastfeeding Week Carnivals, some not. I also thought this would be a perfect time to try to help me get over somethings. That was one big bite.

My last post I stated I was going to write the Breastfeeding Committee our story so they can get a better feel for what still needs to be accomplished in my Region. I don’t think I am ready to write that letter yet. I started to write about the Pediatrician and what was said and done. But I now am in a low that is hard to get out of.

So during Breastfeeding Week you will not get to read a letter I am planning on sending to the Committee and the Ombudsmen of the Hospital. I don’t think you will be reading that for quite sometime. It’s just amazing how far I think I’ve come over the years then something so small as to tell another aspect of our story puts me back.

I am now edgy and drained. Why would I think I can do something in a month that originally took me over a year to do? I don’t have a clue. Maybe I think I am stronger than I am. Who knows? But I am sorry that you will not be reading something that you may have been interested in knowing.

I am angry with myself though, because I believe the more it’s talked about the more women/mothers and children can be helped with education and direction. I know I can’t change the world but I can protect at least one who might be there. One is better than none. In providing stories and situations that we have been in also helps me out too. Which is the reason I have created this space. Call it selfish, I call it give and take.

I will take the time to mention that if you have felt you have been mistreated or given wrong information from a doctor, don’t just change doctors but also tell the doctor along with someone higher up about the reasons on why you are changing Medical Professions. This is a very important step that often gets skipped or is not known. Yes, it may seem tedious or you don’t have the time to do so, but it helps change things so others to follow wont be treated the same as you.

Here are more contacts you may need to contact depending on your situation:

  • Your Breastfeeding Committee: Ask around or search online if you have a breastfeeding committee. Canada’s Breastfeeding Committee is linked here, Ontario’s Breastfeeding Committee is linked here.
  • Email your Regional Health Department or you can call them to ask where to direct your concerns.
  • Contact your Physician and Surgeons College if you feel this is an urgent matter that needs to be held by the board or your Hospital Ombudsmen (if you have one).

I hope this helps somewhat for those who are in a situation I was in years ago. I wish you luck and a good outcome.


4 responses to “I Am In A Funk

  1. jen romero July 31, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    You are a strong mama! Don’t ever forget.

  2. jen romero August 1, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    I know how you feel. I have been in a funk lately too.

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