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Running Across The Street

I know I have not written in a long while, I am lacking lately. I have been up to my neck in Daycare issues, which gives me the inspiration to write this post.

walk don't run

Image by Rakka via Flickr

I had the two girls in the stroller and we were getting out of the four walls and into the cooled down temperatures of our mall. Bliss!

I touched the button and as I waited for our light to go green another mother and her child around the same age as K2 stood beside us to wait for the light. As the light turned green, I faintly noticed the mother walking a bit faster than the child on hand, crossing the street in hopes of getting to the other side before the 25 seconds ran out. No thoughts ran into my head, like I said it was just a notice.

After our window shopping excursion we arrived to a red light, I pushed the button, but this time I had K2 on foot and baby in stroller (finally sleeping). Again, another mother and child, who I would say would be 6 or 7, stood beside us and waited for our turn to go. Finally, the light turned green and the walk person started counting down from 25 and we all started to walk across the street.

It was not until I noticed this little child was not walking, he was running. Mom was yelling at him to slow down, then I mentally put two and two together, then slowed down my pace to keep up with K2.

Here is what my thought process was:

I have taught my daughter to run across the street to keep up with me. When I should be keeping pace with her when she chooses to walk. Not any fault, but I have nowhere to go – fast, to blame here (AKA ignorance). My legs are so much longer and I can stride well past her two. In making my child jog or run to keep up with me, I am teaching her that when she sees a road she is to dart across to get the goal – the other side. I am not teaching her to respect this road she crosses.

So since that day, K2 has a choice. She could be carried the entire way (like she did when she first wanted to walk and not use a stroller), or if she wants to walk across the road, she can and at her own pace. However when the light says 10, I pick her up, and carry her the rest of the way.

It’s funny how life gives you a message, even when you are not looking for one.


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