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Update on the Diva Cup

So, a friend of mine who was interested in alternatives to sanitary products reminded me that I should do an update on my experience with the Diva Cup. I would like to state first that I do not have any affiliation with the Diva Cup company, nor am I getting any incentives with my personal experiences. This is all my truths and I will always be honest with any products I try.

257:365 - diva cup

Image by cavale via Flickr

It’s been 9 cycles, since I last posted about the Diva Cup. I have to say a menstrual cup, any menstrual cup, is something I am a new promoter of. I think it should be one purchase a mother makes for her daughter when it comes time for tampons. I really do wish I knew about it sooner. I have more pros with my Diva Cup than cons, but I will try to discuss as much and I can think of as I type this entry out.

The first thing to know about menstrual cups is you need to be comfortable with your body. You will at times need to insert a finger to adjust the cup or to unsuction it to pull it out. You will need to also be ok with your menstrual cycle, well lets face it, you are more involved with it. If you have a crappy toilet like mine you will need to flush more than once or you will have stains that need to be scrubbed but will be removed.

That being said, I will not give my cup up for the traditional napkins. I feel clean, smell clean, my bathroom smells clean; and I don’t have to take my garbage out before it’s full because I don’t want the children getting into it. I don’t have to deal with the burning of the pads against my skin or the ache of taking out a tampon before it’s full and lubricated because it’s been 6 hours.

I now have a 3 day menstruation opposed to a week and a half. I don’t have to fuss over getting to the washroom in time to change. I now feel free, almost like I was on the birth control and I can time my periods or skip it once in a while. I don’t even feel like I need to have a shower every hour – menstruation made me feel really dirty.

I don’t have to keep panty liners, pads, or various absorbency tampons in my bathroom cabinet, and I don’t have to get mad at the waste of liners waiting for my cycle to come. It’s been great. I have only a few ‘leaks’ but I really would call them smears, the stain is small enough to wash in the machine.

So, I am happy that I found out about the menstrual cup, again, I wish I found out about it sooner. I have mixed feelings on never seeing K2 make a new rug in my bathroom with the liners and pads along with her ‘fishing’ with my tampons in the toilet. It was cute, but not worth the money that was wasted. I have replaced this memory with that of K2 having the freedom to ask if I need the ‘Dee-Dee cup yet’ in public places and knowing there is not a man around who knows what it is.

I would like to tell you how I do things without going too over board in the personal information as possible.

Once I have cramps, which is up to 2 weeks before the flow, I insert the Cup in. I check a few times to see if ‘it’s’ arrived. Once my flow comes I empty the cup in the morning, wash it, re-insert it, then forget about it until the evening. I can spend more time with the Daycare Children, I don’t have to worry about what they are getting into while I am indisposed, and believe me they can get into so many things in a couple of seconds alone.

There are times where I assume it might be full and I go to empty, but I am assured when I do. In 9 cycles I have only came close twice to filling the cup, which was just below the beveled area just under the rim, and this is on my heaviest times. I wish this experience for every women, it frees up her time and worries.

Remember the times you walked in front of your friend after you asked her if she can see ‘anything’. How about that spread-legged-mini-squat after sitting in your school desk for an hour and 45 minutes. You can’t forget those times you skipped the bike ride and walked. Never mind pulling that string when you meant to ‘adjust’ your underwear (or am I the only one?).

Let’s face it periods suck – well the cups brings back so much taken away in that approximate week, including the health of our planet. The fact of the matter that I want to get across, is there are alternatives to those unhealthy store bought sanitary products. II encourage you to seek these out.


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