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Coconut Oil – My New Love

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Many of my friends think I am nuts, or maybe ‘going’ organic. It’s not a fad to me, it’s something that I should have thought about before K2 was born. My love with Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil was from a snowball effect stemming from a ‘what the…’ moments with saving money.

I truly love Coconut Oil, I can not live without it. It’s become up there with my daughter’s breastmilk that I make. There is not a day that I do not use this oil in my family’s daily regimen. I use it to treat thrush I get in my breasts ‘around that time of the month’ to our hair and skin.

I would like to share my new endless love for Coconut Oil, in hopes that others will also find this oil’s wonderful properties a benefit in their own home. Before finding out about Coconut Oil I was worried what I would use for natural treatments when K2 weans. I have found it.

As I have already said, I use Coconut Oil for thrush. I have never used anything else that gives immediate relief. I have used Gentian Violet, prescription tropical ointments and oral medications. Nothing took to the yeast as fast as Coconut Oil. I have a small dollar store bottle around my computer with the oil inside, and I put it on when I start to feel the discomfort of thrush. The first time I used the oil, I had thrush really bad. I was blistered and ‘peeling’, I scratched my breasts at night and it killed to nurse. I put 2-3 tablespoons of the Coconut Oil in my bath and soaked for more than a half hour. The bath felt so nice, instant relief. After the bath, I put the oil on my breast, allowed the air and the oil to seep in. Repeated this after every nursing. That night, redness was almost a faint pink and the itch and burn while nursing was gone. The next day, the blisters were gone and nursing was a dream again.

I have also replaced our lotions with Coconut Oil, and have had great results. K2 used to have dry patches on her legs and arms that the doctor said was not eczema. She would scratch these spots until they bleed. I used to use Aveeno until I found out it was rated high on the EWG Database. Within the first week, those patches were gone. Never to return again. During summer months, K2 used to get heat rashes – not this year. Her skin feels like her birth skin, it’s amazing.

I use breastmilk on scraps, but as K2 is getting older it’s lost her novelty to her. She now asks for the calming scent of Coconut Oil. I will put it on a scrapped knee and the ‘boo-boo’ will heal so much faster. What she does not know is I will put breastmilk on it at night when she is sleeping, because I have always used that too.

I use it in our baths when K2 has a yeast infection as well. Her area is very sensitive to different things, and I have used, what seems to be, everything under the sun. Again, Coconut Oil is the best and instant relief. I only wish I knew about this oil when she was born and was given antibiotics in the NICU. Those bum rashes are the worst!

I use Coconut Oil for our hair. After our hair is dried, and we have swum or at the splash pad I will put a drop or two in my hands rub it around and work through our hair. Just enough to coat mildly, but to get the hair conditioned. It freshens the hair with a light and yummy scent of Coconuts and makes the hair a bit more shinier. I have also done this before water play, but I felt afterward worked better.

I use it for a quick pick me up. When I am feeling weak or not energetic, I take a teaspoon or two orally. Pretty good pick me up if you ask me and it’s good for you as well. I have put it on our noodles before mixing them in spegetti sauce, oh yum, yum. I have never seen K2 eat spagetti so fast. K2 likes to use the oil as a spread on her toast, which is weird to me, because Coconut Oil has a very mild taste.

This product is a great universal tool to most of your unsafe products at home. I have read some using it as toothpaste, a deep conditioner, cooking oils, room fragrance, to lowering cholesterol. I am doing some research on this last item listed for my DH. I recommend this oil to mom who breastfeed because it has so many uses that it would in the end save families money replacing the diaper creams, baby lotions, nipple creams, and a quick pick me up when you are in a nursing marathon (just to note a few).

Honestly, for less than $20 dollars Canadian and lasts for months in the way we use it. You really can’t go wrong in trying. I will state if you are replacing silicone lotions wean from it. You will end up in a very big rash. it’s well worth the switch to my new love, The Coconut Oil.


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