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How Do Things Get Done?

It’s me time at my house – it’s 11:57pm. I am surfing around through Facebook shares and I came across this. It got me thinking.

An early 20th century candlestick phone being ...

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If you ask DH what I do all day, he would say I am on the computer or on the telephone. I would assume he does not think much about my stay-at-home/work-at-home day. It frustrates me to no end that he would say these things to people. As well as use this as a tactic when we are arguing about his lack of home involvement.

So since I don’t do anything all day, besides sit here at my computer, or talk on the phone. It’s got me thinking how do things get done?

How does my daughter have a change of clothes for the day, when she can’t fully dress herself? How are the floors and tables not as dirty as they should be? How does the garbage never pile in a gross amount and stink the house? How does the laundry get washed, folded, and put away? How does the toilet stay stain-free and the tiles scrubbed white? How do tummies get filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?

How does another child, whom I am getting paid to watch, leave with a clean and rash-free bum? How do the children know the song of the alphabet and the colours of the world? Who picks up the baby until there is pain in the hands? Who cleans up after painting play? How do all those toys get put away? Who does all the Daycare paperwork and keeps track of records, plans and crafts?

How do the beds get made, and the dishes get done? How does the house stay smelling like that lavender all-purpose soap I bought the last month? How does our three-year-old tie her hair in pretty ponies, and who really reminds K2 to feed the cat? Speaking of the cat – who takes care of her? Who brushes her Turkish Angora/Persian hair, and wash it to keep allergies at bay? And who puts water out for her?

How does the children’s shoes get filled with sand, and the cuppies go unempty? Who wipes the bums and lights the ever so needed match? Who puts these children to bed for naps, and ensures they leave with what they came with, including body parts? Who reads to them, and talks with them, and who listens to their quiet stories? And really, who nurses our daughter at least 20 times a day? Who is up with these children early in the morning and still awake when everyone is asleep?

Who is around to notice that feet are growing, and hugs or kisses are needed? Who wipes the tears caused by their pain? Who organized the dresser drawers and puts away grown-out of clothes, and who knows what these children are interested in? Who knows word for word of every educational child video we own and who sits with them while the children watches it? Who answers questions about why things are, the way they are? Wait a minute, how did these children learn to talk?

Since I am on here, on the computer or talking on the phone, I would assume our children, daycare or not, know how to tidy-up through osmosis? Because it could not have been from me! No, they could not, would not be imitating me. But seriously? How does this house keep managed?

It has to be someone doing these things, to be truthful, I need to find this person, give them a big thank you, and maybe kiss their feet. They have made my life so mush easier and I would hate the day they leave. Because I know soon enough, when the children grow up and are ready for school, this person will be working outside the home. BUT, I hope they understand, when their work day is done, they will arrive back here with all the above to do. Meanwhile, I will be waiting here, at this computer, and talking on the phone.


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