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Sunday, we had plans to go to my cousin’s house to help with a room in the basement that my cousin and DH are using for their new reptile business. Well, we had a bit of drama and K1 wanted to go home early, which made K2 FREAK right out. So I thought maybe we could do some girl shopping, get a few things, just her and I.

So as she was finishing her breakfast I logged on to Facebook and noticed Michael’s was doing a baby craft. Well, I as I saw it, I thought this would be a cute and unique way to get K2’s name on something. Since her name is so unique, I can never find something on the shelf, I have to order and custom make it. All the better if you ask me.

So I wanted to go to Michael’s, but the bus driver drove right on past, so I knew by the time we waited an hour for the next bus, everything would be gone. So on to my next idea, my best friend – Dollar Rama! So K2 and I walked to the plaza behind our apartment and went through all the scrapbooking items. Riddling with so many ideas, I had to stop at the  Terracotta Pot Name and her River Rock Letters, that a Group Teach Preschool shared on Facebook.

Unfortunately, I could not find simple letter stencils for the River Rock Letters. I could have just done the scripture fonts, but for children who are learning the characters, that was not something I was going to throw into the loop. So I just bought two bundles of the River Rocks and used a Sharpie to write the letters on. Sweet $2.00! Done in five minutes and now K2 uses it to pretend cook.

On to our Terracotta Pots. There are 6 letters in K2’s name so bonus they were selling the smalls pots for 3 for a dollar. Then I had to figure out how I was going to get the blocks. They used to sell square foam blocks, that I could easily paint and be done with it. They were nowhere to be found, and the women who worked their looked at me like an idiot when I asked. So I decided I would use cork disks, to me I would have called them cork coasters, so that is what I will refer to them as.

The coasters came is three different shapes, two flower shapes and an octagon. K2 wanted the flower shaped one, so we went with that. Then we looked for the rub-on stencils, which took a while to find, but again they did not have the font that I was excited about, but they did have scripted fonts in pinks and purples.

Then on to paints, I bought white, two browns, green, pink and a purple. I had some skewers at home so that I did not need to look for. We picked of the ‘flower foam’ for flower arrangements, and a tasselled thin robe (which we did not use). Then for embellishments K2 found some brown pearls, so we threw that in the cart.

All together I spent close to $30 for two art projects, that at Michael’s I would be paying that for one (if you include the $6 for the bus). I think it turned out pretty great! Oh yes, I forgot K2 wanted this purple Unicorn on a stick, she road that around the store saying “Yeeehawww, matey” (thank you 4 Square and Zigby, my daughter does not know if she is a cowgirl or a pirate).

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