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Every time I hear that saying it always makes me laugh, even when I get called it. Let’s face it, everyone has their hidden Drama Llama. Today I just shook my head.

Hot topics, from Breastfeed vs. Formula, Hospital Birth vs. Home Birth, OB vs. Midwife. To Smack or Not To Smack, Traditional Parenting vs. Attachment Parenting, TV vs. No TV, Ear Piercing Vs. Waiting Until They Ask. Then another one is Circumcision.

I know most of the hot topics, and when I share information about these topics, I try really hard not to ask for personal decisions, choices or opinions. I have my own and they are very strong, but I can read an article not on my situation and read as much as I can with an open mind.

Today I shared something that does not have anything to do with me. Circumcision was the subject, but for or against was not the reason for sharing. It was the numbers, the stats. I quoted the part that I was shocked about. I have heard about deaths, but I did not know it was higher than male infants dieing of SIDS.

This was surprising because, look at all the media scares for Back-to-rest, Not to Co-sleep, the proper cribs, but not once do you hear about surgery scares. After all, circumcision is the parent’s choice. Right? Really?

So Media, it’s ok to present a mother sleeping on a sofa with her newborn, with a father arriving through the door. The mother awakens and baby is dead. Not to Co-sleep is the campaign. They have even mentioned to get a law out so you can be jailed if you co-sleep.

You will not see the same thing happen in the case of surgery. None on the average of deaths per year on surgery. Nope, we read that on the net. No scare tactics involved. Make sense? Where is one a parent’s choice and the other not?

If healthy sons are dieing more than SIDS, don’t you think something needs to be done for education? That was my point of sharing, not to get on the, ‘you cut your son and how bad of a parent you are’. It was not shared to offend everyone, although I knew someone would take it like that.

I hoped that pointing out that I did not know what I know now, about Circumcisions. I was just starting out my research on this topic before we found out the gender of K2. Had K2 been a boy, she would be cut, and I would have felt guilt. However I would have had to own my choice.

I would have felt guilt, but then I would have gotten mad. Just like the way I was misinformed about K2 being born at 36 would be safe, just like breaking my water is normal and would cause no harm. That Midwives are not as educated as OBs, Just like putting bunting bags in the infant carseat and a snow jacket with a five-point harnest.

I know different now, but I have done these things. Would I do the same, if I had it to do over? No, I would not. Parenting has closed my mind to some things, but have opened my thoughts to a slew of other things I never thought. Searching for the most natural and most scientifically proven way to parent, to follow through with, as best I can.

Do I think parents who cut their sons stupid, or undeserving of their child? No. I think they should have the education to know that science does not stand behind them. That every reason for the surgery has been faulted by science. It’s a cosmetic choice and that is all.

Parents (and I mean me too) need to own the choices they make and move on. Either say they would do it over or change some things. I have owned a lot of my choices and decisions, but I allow myself to be mad at myself for being so stupid as to listen. I use my experience to help others not go through what I have.

I don’t think I deserved the Drama Llama status saying my posts are hitting a nerve, and for people to explain how her son survived and is happy and healthy. When that was NOT the topic I cared to cover at all. It was the numbers, the stats and that was all.

It was not about to cut or not to cut, that was not the question. I did not post “Hey you stupid parents”, I did not say you are killing your sons. I tried very hard to not state any opinions while I share things anymore. I quote a section or two, or many, of the article that had me thinking.

I have a girl, and I am really happy for that. To cut or not is not something I can point out. I can state now that I would not allow any future son of mine have a circumcision done. But unless I am asked my opinion, do I selfishly care what you do to yours? I do warn our points to not agree.

So, although I love the Drama Llama saying, I have had enough of Drama. Since this weekend (last weekend, when you read this), I have had my yearly fill. The Drama Llamas need to be taken elsewhere, the petting zoo is closed today.


2 responses to “Drama Llamas

  1. Brittaney Ward September 4, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Wow, Those statistics are crazy. Thanks for sharing.

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