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A ‘Pat’ On The Head

We went to my cousin’s house last night. DH and my cousin is trying to open their own reptile business. We arrive there in time for dinner, and as I was making the caesar and toss salads. I am talking with my cousin then I hear DH yelling my name from outside.

As I turn I see he is having a cigarette, but the strangest thing is he is standing with a pigeon on his head! I stop the conversation to say “why is there a bird on your head?” I head my way to the front door, stand outside to see this bird.

This pigeon’s name is Pat, and she is a rescued animal who fell from her nest in the home owner’s backyard. Her mother never came looking for her so the home owner decided to nurse the tiny bird back to health and then give the freedom of the outdoors.

So as Pat sat on my husband’s head, the children came outside to see this funny sight. I do have to say it was the highlight of the year. We’ve had some pretty rocky lows, but this bird, was the one who created a moment of forgetting about our stress, and a deep love of life.

I don’t think Pat knew how welcoming and how needed her visit was. What a different sight to see from city life. What a great and funny memory to share, for the years to come. Pat can come and sit on DH’s head anytime.


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