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This is the time when I feel so much alone. Not because I am alone personally, but I feel I am alone in thoughts. I have my moments during the day when I welcome DH taking K2 out. After five minutes, however, my house is not a home.

This is the time of year where status’ are changed with praising of the new school year. The children are going back to school, and the Mom now can have space. As I read these comments, I feel sad for these mothers, but I also think I am not in their shoes.

There could be so many reasons why they are happy, less money for daycare, the children are missing their friends that have gone away, or the children are just driving them nuts. All the above can be understandable.

As I read the words of mothers I know, I know they are the best mothers they can be. I will not pick at them for the feelings they feel. I just think of how different I am. K2 is coming up to school next year, and the thought scares me.

Will she be ok? Will she want to go? Will I have issues with the teacher? Will she adjust well? How long will it take before she wants to go home? How many buses do I have to take to get me to her? And how long is the travel there?

I know most of my friends might have had these feelings, when their children first started school. But it would really be nice to read another mother is thinking the same thing I am. I will be still at home looking after another child, but I will miss her.

I hope she will have fun, I hope we both can get through it and I really hope I don’t have issues with the school. I am human and I hate things that are different and new. I know I will eventually walk in these mother’s shoes, I just am not there yet.

So I came to this place to ask about how the first years of school was for you? Did you feel the way I do? Did your child freak totally out? Did you choose to walk your child to school for a bit, even though they could get bused?

I open up to the mother’s before. Please share your thoughts.


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