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My Fantasy – When There is a Recall

Fight For Your Rights (RAW)

Image by Robbie Veldwijk via Flickr

Every time there is a formula recall, I have this selfish feeling that maybe this will be the time when everyone bands together. I get the image of every women, man and parent standing up and voicing the hate for having no support and to stop this ludicrous.

I think that finally this formula vs. breastfeeding ‘war’ will end and we can be on the same page. That formula parents will invest in some time learning about human milk, and what has caused them to not succeed. That people will realize that when an article is shared it’s not a slap in the face. Most importantly, make sure there is proper support intact for the next generation.

I vision that parents will fight against the wrong doings of companies, that cause children and our future adults harm. I think that finally the lack of support for breastfeeding in public will simply vanish. When I hear about a lawsuit towards a company because they harmed their loved one. I get this righteous feeling that finally these companies are being held accountable. That finally the ‘war’ is directed to what it should have been directed to, so many years ago.

I picture the pride a mother could feel, seeing her daughter nurse her grandchild, when she did not have that experience herself. To have a world come together for the sake of our future, put behind our mistakes and create new ways of thinking. To bind together a new law that encourages the healthiest most possible way to build and grow life.

To never again have an unsuspecting mother cry herself to sleep at night, because she had trusted a company for the best means of her child. To know what is in the products we give to our children and have the recent and truthful studies behind everything that can be purchased.

Even in these few minutes of eluding in my fantasy, I do come to relativity. I will not see this sort of world in my life time. We are too hooked up with profits, currency, The Big Pharma and sex. Sadly, I am revived with the knowledge that the innocent are being affected. Humans are creatures of habit and it takes years for each generation to erase a bit more of the pain from earlier decades.

Of course, there are many factors that are not expressed in my fantasy. But in those moments I escape the hurt and anger I empathize with, I am pieced together with some source of hope for the future. In the future our human ignorance will realize what sabotage we have done.

However, I do believe in my heart that one day a company will go too far, and my fantasy will come alive. All the years of covering up will bury these greedy mass producers and they will not have anyone to blame but themselves. Man, I would love to be able to see that. What would come of it? What would we have learned?


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