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Warning For The Next Few Posts

I having been having some family issues, and have not been able to blog for a while because of it. I much would rather things just to go away, but they wont. So I am going to come here to post some feelings that I have bottled up for many, many, many, many years.

There might be things that you will read and think less of me. I do fear that some of the impressions of readers will be highly negative. Just remember, that nothing in these future posts are not meant to attack anyone had they done the same thing that this person I am writing about did. Yes, you can take it that I am attacking this person (who you will learn is my mother), I just can’t sugar coat it any other way, to get my thoughts out.

These are posts to work out my feelings, because even after several years trying to be heard, I am not, and I have been silenced with guilt. Please, if you do choose to continue to read through, I hope you don’t relate, but if you do, I am sorry if I hurt you, or bring up things from your past, or make you feel less than a person. This is not my intention nor the direction I would like to go.

I will make a blog post when I am done with my open thoughts and when I can get back to the real words of what this place was really meant to be – My feelings about everything surrounding my family, things that involve my family, along with a bit of rants about how this world is so messed up. Basically the world according to me (that name was taken at the time though… too bad, that would have been better suited).

Thank you for your patience and understanding, along with your support. I will see you on the other side of this rollercoaster ride, and I promise to be a stronger person when I meet you at the end.

Yours Truly,

Our Sentiments


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