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Evolution of The Christmas Tree

It humors me to look at the before and after of children. Just the simple things in life such as eating, going to the bathroom. Hell, shaving your legs is a different experience after children. This time, my humor points at the Christmas Tree.

You see I did not like Christmas so much. Christmas stopped being magical once I was too old for Santa and the white stuff became a pain to shovel, instead of being the beginning of a snow fight.

It is tradition, that kept the tree going all these years. Tradition in my family is to have the tree up, the latest, the weekend before my sister’s birthday (November 19). Since my sister’s first Christmas, there has not been one year without a tree in the background at her parties.  So my family is usually the first people to have their tree up. This tradition is something I don’t want to be the first to break.

My first, very-own-big-tree was purchased about 6 years ago, and I only bought even to keep it going. It looked bare, but it was colourful, and like me – simple. I had blue and silver, with clear glass bulbs. I had ribbon, and the only silver star I could find at the time which was a very sad and lonely one compared to the size of the tree. But it was my first tree and I liked it.

The one thing I did not think of was Meekah my cat.  She would be hurricane #1. She would take off with my bulbs and place them on my bed for when I got home from the club. Back in my party days, the first thing I would want to do is come home dive into a nice warm bed. Instead I got pricked. Oh, forgot to tell you all the bulbs are glass, sorry minor technicalities. Moving on now.

Eventually I would meet DH, and we moved in together. Then Christmas would come and finally Meekah was old and ‘big’ to get up the tree and knock it over. I was thinking this year I could have something awesome!

Then there was Maddy…

She loved our tree, just loved it. She was hurricane #2. Who knew that a breed of reptile from Australia would enjoy a fake pine tree. Who.would.know? She would like it this much…

So I did not buy anything more for the tree. Oh, I would love to have different colours for my tree. I would love to have a purple, lavender and pink tree. I would love to have an all red, silver and white tree. I would have also bought a new topper. Maybe a Porcelain white/silver Santa… But life happens, and trees tells a story.

K2’s First Christmas was such a joyous time and she would become our hurricane #3. Of course she was only 6 months old then, so that year there was not much damage to the tree. It was more of the tree shirt and table decorations. With me being on Maternity Leave, new decorations was the least of my worries.

K2’s second Christmas, the tree looked normal. Pretty nice, but remember I only take a picture shortly after it’s up. After that I don’t care until Christmas Eve…

K2’s Third Christmas. By this time just having it up was a bonus. I didn’t care if the thing was naked! I don’t think the lights were even turned on that year. And I am still finding those fake candy canes around the house – in odd places. We won’t mention any names will we?

As the years went on, I had less and less things to put up on the tree. This year as I put up the tree and noticed that with each year the blue in my blue and silver theme was disappearing. More of my older Christmas decorations where coming out of my “lil table-top tree” box. You know your very first tree your parents get you so you would leave their’s alone. Well, that was the idea, right?

My  tree became something from a bit of this and a bit of that. I took out red pointsettas from wreaths I had, to fill the bare parts of the tree. Then I tried the ribbons going around the tree… I pretty much gave up. But at least K2 had fun! That is all that matters.

Even though I caved and bought some purple-blue and more silver bulbs, even though I have eyed a purple and silver bow topper. And even though I don’t like tall skinny trees. I am glad I have the memories of this one.

It started out to be something to do to keep a tiny tradition. Now it’s become a warmth of K2 and my time together putting it up. Funny stories about where I found the fake candy canes and the countless times Meekah tipped it over. I can’t forget trying to find Maddy in it as well.

Christmas at one time was nothing without the magic of Santa, giving of the gifts and the white of the snow. Now Christmas is revolving around an empty tree, that has seen the ground more times than not. That has seen more bulbs of blue and silver than one should. Is called silly names, but is utterly loved.

Merry Christmas everyone, it might be busy again for me to write for a bit. Have a wonderful New Year as well, and share memories of your tree.



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