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The Over Used Report Button

There are over 5 personal accounts, pages and groups that have been deleted on Facebook according to Removed: The List; and this is only that we know of. Today in my newsfeed I had a notification that a Page called “Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc” have re-created their Page and is starting over, after their page mysteriously vanished. Now before you get up all in the Pro-choice and Pro-life debate, which is NOT where I am going with this. The information on this page is to help support families after an abortion was chosen. I just can’t help to think the reason for reporting this group is because they help families after an abortion, which implies they are Pro-Death?????

I just can’t believe this, I seriously can not believe how childish we are becoming. I can’t believe I am writing about this, either. My DH took K2 out, I could be sleeping, but I am so livid, I need to write. On an average, since January 1, 2011, there have been at least one page, group or profile deleted for breastfeeding, intactivism, birthing, and elimination communication per day. Now we can add Abortion (for or against). Again, this is only what we know of; what has been brought into the light of our human idiocy.

I feel this annoying need to tell everyone to GROW UP. I am tired of getting notice that my favorite Pages are deleted, or that a picture is gone, just because some asshole thinks they don’t like it. There are countless hours, days, weeks and months of time and effort into these pages, including my lonely one. I take the effort to COPY the URL, click on my page, then PASTE, enter a comment and share. I also go back to make sure I did not leave anyone hanging on a question or no one is attacking anyone else. This takes time, time I could be doing playing FrontierVille while I nurse my daughter. But I choose my Page. This does not take into consideration the time and effort of personal accounts, either.

I am afraid my small, lovely and cherished community will be done when I wake up in the morning. All my posts from my blog can be redone, but the shares, the comments, the articles that I have read over the year, gone. I think I would cry. Not very much happens over there, but I would cry, just the same as when The Leaky B@@b went down and now Earthy Motherhood. I think I would throw my computer off the balcony, had my personal page be gone, for a picture, a snap shot of “A moment in time with K2”. The contact who even sees her pictures should feel privileged to even see a head shot of her, I have her pictures locked up that much. Then for any of those, who I thought were safe, report me…. Ya, that would clearly be the tongue lashing and profanity they deserve.

The Report Button is for real threats on the internet that intentionally cause harm to others and create an unsafe and unhealthy environment. This button is not an ‘Against My Belief ‘ or “*spit, I would never post the likes of that, gross!’ Button and should not be used as such. I don’t believe that I care about your family’s Mac and Cheese recipe, maybe I think by you adding cow’s milk into the mix is harming and being hateful to cows. This may only be my belief – yet, this share has no intent to be threatening or hateful, and very far from being obscene. I know this is a crazy example, it’s hard to think of one, because I try to keep an open mind. I also don’t waste my me-time searching for things that tick me off.

Think about the Report Button as “This is illegal material” Button. If you see a naked child posed in a sexual way or wearing a teddy, it does not take a rocket scientist to know this is not right. However, a naked baby on a potty? You just may be seeing the FIRST TIME experience, and you might be seeing a celebration to this, very hard and very frustrating, milestone. You might be actually seeing, what I call, a very interesting method called Elimination Communication. I will let you all run off to go Google that, if you don’t know what this is. Very fascinating, I wish I knew about it, it would have saved me tonnes of money in diapers. If you kept your finger off that report button, you might learn a lot about this, and be just as interested as I am. Say it with me, learning, you are learning. Learning is good, it makes your brain work, the report button does not.

Now, since there are children under 18 on Facebook, I would be right to assume that ‘certain adult magazines’ should not be on Facebook, but they are. With them creating a page on Facebook are they not advertising and distributing sexual explicit material to minors? I would assume so, so I see no issue with using the Report Button in this situation; if you are feeling Report Button happy in the moment. It would be illegal for a child of 14 to walk into a store and buy the magazine, they should not be able to log on to Facebook and get free ‘soft porn’ pictures. It’s all common sense.

Going along with the above, and just to make that Report Button even more confusing. Which is why some time and consideration is needed before using it. In some places like where I am, a woman can walk around topless. It’s legal here. A man can, and so can a woman. It’s my legal right, so just because you see a naked body does not mean the picture is about sex! Get over yourself and remove your hand from the mouse, seriously! There is nothing wrong with being naked. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Not one single thing is wrong with actually being or seeing another naked. There are issues, with real perverts, I get it, but why look at a picture in their eyes? Are you a sheep? Around here, if it was not so cold, and we had a nice beach, we could have a nudist beach, and you know what? We would be naked AND we would not be picked up or charged AND I would go! And I would take my whole family, if they wanted to be naked too. There is nothing that can emotionally effect a child to see a naked body – nothing, as long as it’s not a sexual naked body (this would include that naked body doing things sexual or wearing something sexual). Yes, Facebook says don’t post nudity, that is another way of saying don’t post your sex pictures and to use some brain matter your teacher tried so hard to get you to use.

Birthing, Breastfeeding, Intactivism, goodness you list the rest for me because I am getting more angry. These pictures and videos AND articles are NOT something that should be reported on. Yes, not everyone agrees about the same things nor wants to see some material, it might even fire them up. But again, is it illegal to birth? Breastfeed? Or can someone stand on a street corner and give you a brochure about keeping your son and daughter intact? Well, here in Canada they can. We have abortions here too, just because I might not like or support the issue at hand does not mean I should report their ideas and their mission. A lot of people might not know this but several years ago, I did not know you don’t have to circumcise your son. Thanks to being open-minded and reading information from Pages like “Saving Our Sons” (who was past deleted), “Peaceful Parenting“, Earthy Motherhood (now deleted) and others I have learned, and I have changed my thinking.

There are support pages for many things, and then there are people who are just in a funk. These people are known in the internet world as Trolls. If a Troll were to leave an attacking comment that is hateful, obscene or attacking, then I think that would cause for the report button, again you must think first, are you reporting because you don’t like what they have to say or are you reporting because it’s plain as day, worth reporting. Or you can choose to inform this person with your thoughts, or the Administer of the group will come by and delete the comments. They even can control the Banning Button, so really another misuse of the report button.

If you can’t use common sense in using the report button, you need to get that box your computer came in, disconnect the computer and pack it up. You should also remove yourself from all internet connected material as well. Internet life would be much more peaceful without the likes of silly misuse of the Report Buttons. I hope one day Facebook will have a breaking news that if you are found to misuse the report button because you are just so shallow minded, you will get deleted yourself. Until then, do us all a favor and pack up your machine.

In closing to my motherly tongue lashing, yes, I am being ‘mean’, ‘hostel’, ‘bitter’ and bitchy, and I know there will be comments to moderate on this post. Let me save you some time. Facebook is a private business offering a service, but its not above the law. Frankly, neither is the happy-to-click-the-report-button finger. Enough is enough, immature people consider yourself grounded, away with you.



5 responses to “The Over Used Report Button

  1. Christy January 15, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    LOVE THIS! You said all the things I have been holding in for weeks now! I started a blog similar to this a few days ago but it was just a hot mess of crazy venting so I didn’t post it. Yours is much more well thought out and peiced together than mine!

    • Our Sentiments January 16, 2011 at 1:11 am

      Thank you Christy, I thought it sounded very heated and would really offend a lot of people. I needed a safe place to just vent, my friends are probably tired of hearing this over and over again. I guess it would be silly to get mad about through someone else’s eyes. It’s principal to me. I don’t get the arguments against breastfeeding or birthing.

      The more my eyes are opened to more and more deletions I can really see what the big issue is, it’s us. Sure, Facebook could use faster reinstatements when they find out what the reason for deleting was and stop waiting for us to go to the news. In short it’s us. I don’t buy the “You where deleted by mistake”, however, I know Facebook can only do so much.

      When you do post your blog I would like to read it. If you remember, link it back here.

  2. ellen January 16, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Well said. I agree 100%

  3. Maria January 19, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Thumbs up, great post!

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